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About the Artist
Jadranka Carluccio Grbic digital fine art artistCroatian born and naturalized italian, Doctor of Medicine by profession and assiduous traveller, Jadranka has received a huge cultural heritage enriching her artistic soul emerged as from a childhood. All means were good to express her vision of the world; painting the image of her kitten on the broken piece of glass with a leftovers of old varnishes at a age of three, constructing her own toys out of wood and clay and so on. Should not be underestimated her talent for music, expressed playing piano, singing opera and dancing ballet for years with theaters for youths. Those the theaters was organizing yearly International Exhibitions, reinforcing Jadranka's love to travel, meet people, learn their languages and culture, evolving in deeper knowledge of several languages and emphatic ability to communicate. Continuing to paint always and everywhere, learning in several artist studios and experimenting various painting technics, some ten years ago she discovered digital fine art painting technic, appreciating its versatility,expressivity and projection into the future. Rich cultural heritage and the love for art, together with interest in a new technologies, create her unique contemporary artist's profile.

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