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One impression, one emotion or a memory of a special moments, inspire me to paint. Anytime and anywhere. No matter what techniques or by what means. Accordingly with a situation and a site can be the pencil on a paper, oil on canvas or "fine art digital painting". What matters is to capture and express with shapes and colors emotions nestled in my globtrotter soul....

One of my italian galleries director wrote: “introspection from North to South by Jadranka.... seconds of light and shadow of moments made human”.....

After using various traditional means of artistic expression, I opted for a digital medium, easy to carry with me wherever I go. The contemporary art technique "fine art digital painting" is comparable to oil on canvas or pencil on paper, because the artist do not use a computer to generate an image automatically. A painting is created on a blank page with no references whatsoever. The only real difference between digital painting and traditional way of painting is in a tool; mouse or digital pen on a digital media or the brush and pencil for a canvas and paper.

Fine art painting technique on the digital medium allows to work with multiple layers and to correct the errors easier than on canvas. On the other hand, often painting digitally requires more time than traditional painting, especially when creating a color palette with all its shades and nuances for each painting separately.

In addition, working on a large artworks, dimensions does not allow an overview of the image on a display. Consequently, there is a need of good visual memory and continuous monitoring of nuances and sizes.

Anyway, the only difficulty, as for every new approach is just in the beginning, when educating your hand to use a mouse or a digital pen instead of a brush.
Jadranka Carluccio Grbic digital fine art artist

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